Superlullabies for children dreams


Super Lullabies is a initiative that has tree main goals: 

  1. Protecting vulnerable children around the world that suffer:illnesses (cancer, malaria, dysentery) / Natural disasters (earthquake) / Hunger / Sexual abuse / Poverty Analphabetism
  2. Creating educational projects that stimulates children creativity through shared experiences with their parents to create awareness on environmental sustainability, healthy nutrition, non-discrimination equity. 
  3. Re-branding solidarity as a cool, inspiring and profitable. We use creativity and the 21st century insights as convincing ways to stimulate a shared social compromise by companies and civil society.


Why this name?

In almost every society, lullabies are used to care for, calm, and protect children, making them feel safe at night so they can have sweet dreams. A lullaby is a metaphor of providing a feeling of security and a family environment for the children.
How it works

SuperLullabies can use different formats like music productions, apps, events, communication campaigns, etc to better meet the social cause to help and the cultural aspects of the country where it is implemented.


So far we have done:  
Two music records of brand new Superlullabies songs, a book of experiences and some baby music concerts
Our lullabies are composed and sang by well-known and cutting-edge musicians and artists whose musical style is closer to the tastes of a whole new generation of parents who are willing to enjoy the experience of lullabies and enjoy them with their children
The result is a compilation of rock, pop, rap, jazz lullabies that works as new cultural product and awareness creating and fundraising platform. 


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