IMO, Institute of Ocular 



The Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular, IMO (Institute of Ocular Microsurgery) is a leading international ophthalmology centre. They are awarded with the recognition of the medical community, which rated IMO as the best ophthalmologic center in Spain.


The challenge
IMO has an exciting challenge: to investigate the unknown regions of the ABCA4 gen to better understand, because is the gen where are located some of the mutations that cause hereditary dystrophies of the retina such as Stargardt's disease.


Fundraise around 100.000€ for the first stage of investigation.



Co-CreAction event

In order to find original ways of fundraising, we design a co-CreAction workshop, with a magical group of participants: creatives, doctors (IMO Research department), IMO communication staff and… 

people that were suffering Stargardt's disease!

We stimulated lateral thinking and got an incredible amount of ideas.  At the end, we selected one as a winner: the production of Gafas GENiales (Genius Glasses) the first glasses without glass that help to see others. 
Once the idea was planned and organized, production phase was done thanks to an open collaboration with providers, clients and fashion designers like Custo.


Communication and website campaign 

GafasGENiales are been selling in a website campaign and some guidelines about how to use them were created to increase awareness in Instagram.


Media coverage and results

The idea help IMO to fundraise but and at the same time, they reached a great media coverage

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