The Plan
We created and implemented a joint venture between FCB Foundation and the Catalan Food Bank.
Our strategy was to address hunger, by harnessing the power and the passion of football, and rallying FCB fans right here at grass roots level.

Creative concept:
Sweep away hunger with the sweepstake



Bet for food: solidary pools

The idea was to capitalize on this tradition and bet against hunger, setting up an online betting game, just like the standard betting system, but using food as collateral.

The match
F.C. Barcelona – R. Madrid final coup (Spain’s biggest derby)

The pool
“I bet 2 packets of rice and a bottle of olive oil that Barça will beat Real Madrid 3-1”

The winners

The winner of the bet gets a great prize, that money can’t buy but the real winners are the Fundacion del Banc dels Aliments - because the food we have used as collateral is delivered to them.


240,000 kilos of food collected in one month.


The fan entered our website and selected the rice and olive oil from a range of products, so he spent around 5 $ (the cost of 2 packets of rice and a bottle of olive oil).

Then he placed the bet.

Pools placed in the website were connected to facebook

The website hosted a payment platform from a supermarket, previously contacted and who has agreed to partner in this project. They will deliver every kilo purchased to a food bank.

360 comunication campaign

we create an offline and online campaign, using also press release actions promoting the website.

Massive media impact with high-level personalities who placed their “food bets” alongside everyone else:



the president of FC Barcelona, the President of the Generalitat 
(The Catalonia State Government), sports media personalities and the press, radio and TV.




Barça players also endorse the campaign.



print campaign



Outdoor campaing



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