Along with IReS foundation and the Barcelona Hotel Association, we just launched a new hotel in Barcelona, the hotel where no one should sleep:

The Invisible Hotel, a solidarity project that aims to raise funds to help people who live in poverty conditions, violence situations, lack of opportunities, helplessness… 
In the website, each room makes visible the invisible part of the social exclusion, and by booking sleepless nights, from 3€, you’re donating funds to IReS Foundation to prevent people at risk of social exclusion from having to sleep in places like you can find in the hotel.



The Open Sky Room Against poverty or The Blows Room Against violence are available to rent.

Collective CSR action
The project just started in November (2015) and It is addressed to locals and tourists. Its also a CSR project that can be applied, shared and adapted for every hotel in Barcelona as a particular social action for their clients.
Media coverage

We introduce the hotel to the press like if it was real, and have raised a huge coverage in main media of Spain: El Pais, El Periodico, la Cope, Rac1, etc.

360 communication campaign

We create an offline and online campaign to promote the rooms.



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