Patricia Wagner is co-founder of TheLoveComes, Hong Kong. As Development Director, she works closely with clients to help them develop a fresh and lasting approach to captivating the hearts and minds of their consumers, who now increasingly demand that their support for a brand delivers actual societal improvement. To deliver on this promise, brands must develop authentic initiatives for change, which is why Patricia, in addition to her corporate work at TheLoveComes, has a deep background in the world of impact and evidence-based NGOs. For example, she is also the Senior Development Consultant for PathFinders, a game-changing NGO based in Hong Kong. It is this cross-over expertise which allows Patricia to develop realistic and compelling initiatives that generate tangible results in a win-win for businesses, consumers and beneficiaries.


With over 20 years and a strong background in selling and in understanding the diversity of people – their needs and wants – Patricia has a degree in Sociology and Pedagogy from Copenhagen’s Pedagogy Seminarium, Copenhagen, Denmark. She has lived in Europe, the UK, the US, China and now Hong Kong. Her clients have ranged from the ultra wealthy to the poverty-stricken, from Baby Boomers to babies. Her expertise spans across a variety of industries ranging from Concerts (Live Nation), Educational Innovation (The Harbour School, Hong Kong Academy), Marketing & PR (Shekou International School, Shenzhen Asian Cultural Society, HKA, DFE, 36 Palms), Branding (The Pavilions), Events (Dragon Fruit Events, PathFinders), to Fundraising & NGO work (PathFinders, Captivating, Thirst). 



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