Social innovation applied to your services/products


We help you discover insights and opportunities for new and innovative services related to Societal Marketing
We explore the challenges and opportunities for your current or future services. From interpreting existing research, to revealing qualitative customer understanding, our insights are grounded in the market context and are actionable - ready to be directly translated to the improvement and innovation of services.
We encourage internal teams to join us in key activities, such as:

  • SWOT and opportunity seeking workshops 
  • Consumer insight and behaviour research
  • Expert panels and stakeholder interviews 
  • Service audits - customer service and compliance.
  • Service trends forecasting


We develop the vision of your service and outline the path to practical delivery
Using collaborative tools and techniques, we engage people across your organisation to develop a clear and compelling vision of the service. We identify the best strategies to achieve the vision and develop supporting concepts across all components of the service.
We bring a vision to life through bringing your mission to life :

  • Concept development with your teams, partners and customers
  • Strategic framework development
  • Phased implementation planning


Market Research & Planning
To hear the voice of your potential customers and understand their needs is an important element in business development and growth.
Through an in-depth MOA (Market Opportunity Analysis), our researchers and business strategist will be able to identify the most profitable market, position and strategy for your    service or product.
This will provide strong insight into the customers’ tensions, supporting our efforts in building an engaging and comprehensive brand story and the appropriate vision, mission and  values. 


Brand Strategy Development
In order for any firm to succeed in the long term, they would need to develop a brand position that clearly communicates the specific and intended meaning within the mind of the consumer. This position needs to be clearly differentiated to those of the competitors.
TheLoveComes has the capability and resources to develop the meaningful brand positioning in order to sustain the firm’s competitive advantage, USP and Reason To Believe.


Solution Innovation Consultancy
A key part of ensuring the business becomes a leader instead of just a follower in the market, innovation is critical. TheLoveComes has the expertise and talents needed to ensure that the brand identity design and overall strategy has a strong foundation of social innovation.
TheLoveComes provides all of the facets of Solution innovation including:

  • Service quality enhancements
  • Service environment design
  • Process (or operations)
  • Service value development


These include service quality training for staff, redesign of the physical environment, redevelopment of the service process and creation of solutions to create better value.














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