The client was F.C. Barcelona Foundation

The Football Club of Barcelona is the most charismatic and admired private institution in Catalonia. 
The FC Barcelona wanted to kick off a new social strategy that would have an impact a little closer to home; right here in Catalonia.
We already knew that in the last two years the demand for food and shelters for the homeless in Catalonia has grown threefold, and families facing economic hardship now represent 20% of the population.

The idea
We proposed a joint venture between FC Barcelona Foundation and the Fundacion Banc dels Aliments (Food Bank) to help tackle this situation. 
Our strategy was to address hunger in Catalonia, by harnessing the power and the passion of football and rallying FC Barcelona fans right here at grass roots level.

Creative concept
Enviem la fam a la porra (Sweep away hunger with the sweepstake)

Where better to start than the great sporting tradition of placing a bet on your team; backing your players to beat the opposition. Betting on the Copa del Rey (‘The King’s Cup’; one of the most important national sports competitions in Spanish football) and is a huge part of fans’ support for their teams: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Our idea was to capitalize on this tradition and bet against hunger.This was how it worked: I bet you three packets of lentils against your litre of olive oil that Barcelona beats Madrid 3 – 0, and you bet me a win for Madrid of 2-1.

Whoever wins gets to play football at the Masia (The training ground) of Barcelona. So we set up an online betting platform for  football fans, just like the standard betting system, but using food as collateral. The winner of the bet got a great prize, but the real winners were the Fundacion del Banc dels Aliments - because the food we used as collateral was delivered to them for distribution – and our football community, which learnt about, and understood the scale of the problem. The campaign was both virtual and real: our punters could physically bring their “food bets” to Barcelona matches, well ahead of the Copa del Rey.

Conventional advertising; there was PR, a social media plan, internet and a host of non-conventional actions.

Massive media impact leveraging high-level personalities who  placed their “food bets” alongside everyone else: the President of FC Barcelona, the President of the Generalitat  (Catalonia State Government) and sports media personalities and the press, radio and TV.
210,000 kilos of food collected in one month.